President Trump Blasts Adam Schiff On Twitter


President Donald Trump took to Twitter recently to voice his displeasure with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). And the post must have struck a nerve, because Schiff felt the need to defend himself against it.

Trump has made it clear he thinks Schiff and others around him are responsible for leaking information to the media. So he tweeted as such, and even added in his favorite nickname for Schiff just for good measure.

“Democrats in the Great State of Nevada…be careful of Russia, Russia, Russia,” Trump tweeted. “According to Corrupt politician Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff, they are pushing for Crazy Bernie Sanders to win.

Schiff responded denying the allegations and attempting to put the blame back on Trump.

The most recent statements from intelligence officials question the veracity of the reports claiming Russian interference is aimed to help Sen. Bernie Sanders, or that such interference exists at all.

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