Trump Asks SCOTUS For Help In Battle Over Taxes

Things just took an unexpected turn in the ongoing battle between President Trump and Democrats over the release of Trump’s personal tax records.

The Democrats were thrilled earlier when a D.C. Circuit judge ruled that they could subpoena Trump’s records.

But, according to Trump’s legal team, the judge’s decision is dangerous and unfair.

The reason is straight forward. The D.C. decision makes it far too easy for Congress to subpoena private records. Merely the threat of a lawsuit could serve an an adequate reason for Congress to subpoena a sitting President’s personal records.

According to The Hill, President Trump has now asked the Supreme Court to protect his tax records from the Democratic-led House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Trump’s attorneys are understandably concerned the recent decision makes it possible for the Democrats to use subpoena power as weapon:

“Given the obvious temptation to investigate the personal affairs of political rivals, subpoenas concerning the private lives of presidents will become routine in times of divided government.”

It will be up to Supreme Court to decide if the left gets to play games with subpoenas and the private life of our Commander and Chief.

Let’s hope they get this one right.

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