Trey Gowdy: Kamala Harris Is a Repeat Offender of Flip-Flopping On Critical Issues

Former prosecutor and ex-congressman Trey Gowdy presented his case against Kamala Harris on Thursday — and the evidence is damning.

“If you change your mind 20 years ago and you can explain when and why, that’s one thing,” Gowdy told Fox News. “But Harris, six months ago, she thought she would make a better president than Joe Biden.”

“It just instructs this notion that she doesn’t have any core convictions aside from her personal ambition,” Gowdy said of Biden’s running mate, according to Fox.

The former congressman then dropped his bombshell: “It feeds the narrative of, ‘Can we really rely on you now? You say you’ve changed your mind, what’s to guarantee us you’re not going to change it again?‘”

“Six months ago, [Harris] believed [Kavanaugh accuser] Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before she ever opened her mouth,” Gowdy recalled. “Does she also believe Biden’s accusers?”

No word yet from the Harris camp if she plans to plead guilty to repeat flip-flopping.

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