Top Democrats Refuse To Go Along With Joe Biden’s Ever-Increasing Tax Hikes

Enough is enough. Even for some democrats.

“Moderate House Democrats are pushing back against potential tax hikes intended to fund President Joe Biden’s $3 trillion infrastructure package,” reports Breitbart News.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Rep. Tom Suozzi, both Democrats from the northeast, are refusing to go along unless the bill is more reasonable and more bipartisan.

“It’s got to be responsible and both parties need to be at the table,” said Gottheimer. “This can’t just be jammed through without input and consideration from the other side. We need to be careful not to do anything that’s too big or too much in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis.”

“I’m not voting for any changes in the tax code unless we reinstate SALT as part of the deal,” said Suozzi.

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