Tom Cotton Calls Democrat Election Intel ‘Freakout’ a ‘Hoax’ To Distract America

The announcement by Department of National Intelligence announced it would no longer be holding briefings on foreign influence on domestic elections. Then of course, Adam Schiff and the liberal conspiracists gasped and screamed “foul!”

But Tom Cotton is urging America to not take Schiff’s bait.

“There’s a reason he earned the nickname ‘Shifty’ Adam Schiff,” said Cotton. “You’ll notice that he takes no responsibility for the members of his own committee. That’s not exactly a hallmark of leadership. In fact, he went out of the way to distance himself from members of his committee and other Democrats. And it’s also well-established if you just look at the pattern of leaks throughout the investigation into Donald Trump during the Russia collusion hoax, that Adam Schiff has frequently leaked information in the past.”

Cotton noted that the briefing information will still available but that it will now be in writing rather than in person.

“Look, he’s a member of the — he’s a member of the tightest circle of information — the leaders of the Intelligence Committees and the congressional leaders,” said Cotton speaking of Schiff. “He’ll get all the information he wants. This is, yet again, another hoax designed to distract from the Democrats’ leaking of classified information and all the other things that they don’t want the American people to be talking about, like their crazy radical agenda for America.”

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