The Secret Source For Steele Dossier Has Been Named

A stunning report from Fox News identifies the secret source of the anti-Trump dossier use by the FBI and Democrat operatives to discredit Donald Trump during his campaign and early presidency.

According to Fox, the source is Igor Danchenko, a former Brookings Institute research analyst. He was not a “Russian-based” source, as stated by the dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

“The FBI knew who Danchenko was and interviewed him in 2017 about the information he provided for the Steele dossier that purported to show Trump campaign ties to the Russian government,” Fox News reports. “Danchenko cooperated on the condition the FBI keep his identity secret so he could protect himself.”

Despite the dubious dossier, Danchencko’s lawyers assert his client did nothing wrong.

To read more about Danchenko and the discredited dossier, click here.

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