President Trump: I’m Going to Label Cartels as Terror Orgs

Donald Trump just surprised the media, the Democrats, the Republicans, and pretty much everyone else who keeps up with politics. How?

He just did something conservatives have been wanting to see happen for years.

Donald Trump has announced that he’s going to declare the Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations, meaning the entire might of the United States federal government will be unleashed on them.

In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, the president explained:

“They will be designated… Look, we are losing 100,000 people a year to what is happening and what is coming through from Mexico… Absolutely they will be designated.

What’s the impact of this? It’ll completely change the game, according to former Drug Enforcement Agency agent Jack Riley:

“The president is showing real leadership if he can get that done…

There are so many people inside and outside of Congress, the pundits, that will be against it.

But this is exactly what is necessary. We have the tools. This would be a game-changer.

For years, I’ve been talking about how designating the cartels as terrorist organizations is a necessary step in enforcing the border and protecting Americans.

This is wonderful news.

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