Ten Senate Republicans Vote to End Trump Border Emergency

On Wednesday, the United States Senate officially held a vote to to END President Trump’s emergency declaration at our country’s southern border. It passed.

Among the Senators who voted, 10 self-proclaimed “Republicans” voted to prevent funds be diverted to the Trump Border Wall.

According to The Hill:

“The Senate again voted on Wednesday to end President Trump’s emergency declaration on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, paving the way for a veto showdown with the White House… Senators voted 5441 on a resolution to end the declaration, which Trump used to shift billions of dollars from the military toward wall construction.”

The 10 senators who voted against Trump are: Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey and Roger Wicker.

The fact that these Senators are unwilling to admit there is a crisis at the border is DISGRACEFUL.

Right as you read this, there are smugglers at the border praying on innocent women and children – committing unspeakable crimes to undocumented immigrants – all because our border control isn’t being given the necessary attention it needs to get the job done.

Without borders, we aren’t a country. And it’s time for someone to tell the rest of the Senate that.


Are YOU think the Mexican Border crisis is an emergency?

Email me what you REALLY think. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Until tomorrow,

Shaun Connell

PS: Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has promised that if he becomes president, he’s going to CONFISCATE all AR-15s.

Well, I have a message for him. COME AND TAKE IT.

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