GOP Senator Gives Stunning Update On Election Interference

Senator Ron Johnson just released a stunning update on the real culprits behind election interference in America.

Sen. Johnson said on Fox News that the mainstream media had more “influence” than Russia had in the previous presidential election.

I want to hone in on this very, very closely here. If you don’t have experience and you are getting paid millions, and then you have your father bragging on tape he leveraged the billion-dollar taxpayer dollars and give them six hours to fire the prosecutor investigating the son making millions with zero experience, how is that not a quid and a pro and a quo? I mean, where I grew up, that would be a quid pro quo.

It’s obvious to everybody except the mainstream media. And, of course, we found out now the mainstream media had far greater influence and interference in our election than any Russian interference ever could have hoped for. I mean, the fact of the matter, there are polls out now. A McClatchy poll said that 36 percent of Biden voters had never heard of the Hunter Biden story because of the censorship and suppression. Of that, 13%, once they found out, said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden.

That a massive revelation. The mainstream media purposely withheld a validly researched and reported story about the family of the man running for President of the United States. And now we know that the story is even more legitimate based on recent admitted investigations.

And 13% of poll recipients would have changed their vote had they know it.

That’s a higher percentage than was ever even suggested was influenced by Russian misinformation in 2016.

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