BREAKING: Law Enforcement Drops Bombshell On White House – Joe Biden Is…

Joe Biden just got bad news from an official law enforcement officer.

“A Texas sheriff slammed President Biden’s border policies and argued it’s a ‘complete embarrassment’ that his administration is forcing the Texas National Guard to clean up the piles of trash left behind by migrants,” reports Fox News.

Jackson County, Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback told Fox, “It’s incomprehensible that a national security border, our border with another…foreign country is in the shape that it is.”

“[M]igrants come into the border or stash along the travel routes into the major cities here,” said Sheriff Louderback. “This is a major travel route, the number one human trafficking here in the United States, a tremendous hub for human trafficking and narcotics.”

The sheriff said Biden is doing nothing and argued the crisis at the border is being “completely ignored.”

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13 Responses

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  3. Biden and harris are criminals and they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

    We need to vote in a republican house and senate so the biden, harris, pelosi, and schiff can be impeached and hung.

  4. Hey, Conservative Journal — do people like Della and Mildred pay you to run their bogus ads?? Whether they do or don’t, they DO NOT BELONG HERE! And I’m tired of needing to run through up to a half dozen of these shams at times, before getting to comments that actually relate to the article content. It also seems to be a recent happening. I’ve seen other comments that indicate others are just as frustrated with this as I am. 🙁

  5. Biden/Harris & all the Democrats should be picking up the trash left behind AFTER ALL THEIR THE ONES WHO REALLY MADE THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People of the USA is this what you want your country going through right now, wake up & do something even just calling your Senators or Congressmen now & tell them enough stop the crap now!!!

    1. Amen….
      Yes… Biden, Harris, Pelosi & all the other Democrap cronies need to be the ones out there picking up the trash and cleaning up the mess from all the illegals they are allowing into the USA. This is NOT right… this is horrible of what is happening.

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  7. Why doesn’t the governor of Texas put all those little migrants in a bus for several buses and drop them off at the White House that way the news will have to cover it

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