REPORT: Shep Smith Eyeing Job With Another News Channel

Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is considering working with none other than MSNBC.

According to the bombshell report from the Daily Beast, Smith is in negotiations over a prime-time spot at MSNBC as the network mulls a possible move for its current 5 p.m. anchor Chuck Todd.

Fox News viewers are likely not surprised to hear the news that Shep might join up with a left-leaning propaganda machine like MSNBC, but it underlines why the Fox audience was often frustrated — even angry — at Smith’s willingness to buy into the mainstream media’s narrative.

There is, however, a catch to Smith’s possible deal with MSNBC.

“Smith is not able to work for another network until his noncompete agreement with Fox News expires,” The Hill reported. But it is not publicly known when Smith’s agreement expires.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is not the only organization that has expressed interest in Smith.

Another notoriously leftist organization, CNN, has also shown a willingness to hire the former Fox anchor. “I think Shep’s a great journalist,” CNN president Jeff Zucker previously said. “When he’s available, he is somebody who is very talented, and I would be very open to talking to him.”

While Shep Smith should have the right to work where he pleases, it says a lot about him that the two names swirling around his future are CNN and MSNBC.

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