Alabama Poll: Sessions Would Defeat Democrat Doug Jones

The Democrats have been eyeing their Alabama Senate seat with great concern. Now, we know they were right to worry.

A new poll shared by Breitbart predicts that either former Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions or Republican Tommy Tuberville would stand a good chance at defeating the Democrat incumbent, Sen. Doug Jones.

The poll, released by JMC Analytics, shows Sessions leading Jones by five points: 46% to 41%.

Tuberville, the former coach of the Auburn Tigers football team, is also polling ahead of Jones, with 47% support to Jones’ 40%.

Both leads are beyond the statistical margin of error.

When Sessions resigned from the U.S. Senate in 2017 to serve as President Trump’s first attorney general, the Democrats were able to win the Senate seat via special election.

If voters in Alabama believed the spins from the left-wing radicals within the media and political elite, then they would be excited about their Democrat incumbent. But they aren’t. Instead, the poll results are a bad omen for the Democrats ahead of 2020.

If Sessions, a former top official in the Trump administration, can poll ahead of a Democrat in a year when a Republican president is being impeached, then it’s clear the Democrat playbook is failing.

It’s obvious that the impeachment debacle isn’t helping the Democrats gain momentum. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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