BREAKING: Sean Hannity Confirms Rumors – Viewers Shocked…

Sean Hannity of Fox News confirmed rumors that the Freedom Convoy happening in Ottawa Canada is winning and will continue to do so.

Hannity predicted the truckers in the “Freedom Convoy” will “win in the end” during a recent opening monologue.

“The cowardly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with government officials in Ontario … they’re now threatening these peaceful protesters,” Hannity said.

“You know, the guys that were the heroes of the pandemic … with a massive $100,000 fines, one-year prison time — they want to seize their trucks and their licenses and pretty much destroy their lives.”

“He noted the protests were ‘picking up steam,’ with a similar convoy possibly coming to the United States,” reports Fox News.

“Needless to say, Joe Biden’s not happy,” Hannity said.

“Keep in mind, this is the same Joe Biden that … refuses to secure our southern border,” Hannity said. “But Joe has a very different opinion on the northern border.”

Then Hannity said the answer to peace is obvious.

“To me, the answer is obvious,” Hannity said. “Restore freedom. Leave the heroes of the pandemic alone.”

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