Supreme Court Halts Democrat Demand for Trump Tax Returns

The United States Supreme Court just indefinitely delayed the House Democrats’ demands that President Trump hand over his tax returns. This is good news, though we’re not yet sure how good.

The Democrats are trying to “expose” Donald Trump’s tax returns for political games and gains. They know that he realistically doesn’t have a large taxable income, leading to some misleading stories and headlines that will help the Democrat narrative.

Considering most of the top Democrat presidential candidate support a radical left-wing tax agenda – like wealth confiscation “taxes” – then it should be clear what their real strategy is: politics and power.

That said, we’re still not sure exactly what will happen next. The Supreme Court could put the demands on hold indefinitely, or they could issue a ruling for or against Trump. This is anybody’s ballgame at this point.

One thing is for sure: it would be bad for America for Trump’s tax returns to be dumped onto the media’s dishonest feeding frenzy.

Trump was right to keep them private. Let’s hope the Supreme Court allows him that option.

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