SCOTUS Justice Drops Bombshell On Separation Of Powers

Some may have had doubts about President Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court pick: now-Justice Neil Gorsuch. However, if those concerns have not already been completely shattered, Gorsuch’s recent comments should seal the deal.

While appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Justice Gorsuch dropped a bombshell about the importance of the separation of powers. “It keeps us free,” said Gorsuch in his interview with co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Gorsuch wasn’t finished, though.

“When it comes to the role of the judiciary, I believe that the role is to be faithful to the original meaning of the Constitution,” the Supreme Court justice said.

Then Gorsuch delivered a powerful lesson about the importance of the separation of powers, saying, according to Breitbart:

“Every country in the world has a great bill of rights these days. My personal favorite is North Korea’s. Yes, North Korea. It promises everything we have, the right to free speech, a right to privacy, and my personal favorite, especially this time of the year, the rights to relaxation. But the fact of the matter is that those rights aren’t worth the ink on the page, and they’re not because all powers accumulated in one mans hands.”

“The truth,” Gorsuch added, “is that our rights, including the separation of powers, are only as good as the people who want to keep them there.” Although the left seems hell-bent on destroying the most powerful document of freedom in the world’s history, Gorsuch understands the truth.

“Daniel Webster said that it took 6,000 years for a self-governing people to arrange our Constitution and it really was a miracle,” he said. “Those things aren’t kept, by accident, and there’s no guarantee they will endure unless people care about them.

This guy gets it. Well done, President Trump.

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