BREAKING: Supreme Court Reversal BOMBSHELL – Nation In Shock

The Republican Party is fighting tooth and nail to undo President Joe Biden’s efforts to fundamentally destroy the Supreme Court of the United States. It is no understatement to say this may be the most important political battle our nation is facing.

According to Fox News, “six House Republicans Tuesday will introduce a constitutional amendment aimed at setting the number of Supreme Court justices at nine in a reaction to calls from Democrats to pack the court and a commission ordered by President Biden to study the topic.”

“We don’t need a commission to know court packing is a radical idea that would undermine confidence in one of our country’s most important — and trusted — institutions,” said GOP Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin. “The Supreme Court has been comprised of nine justices for more than 150 years, and it’s time we amend the Constitution to make this longstanding precedent permanent before it’s too late.”

Fox News added that “Biden was asked repeatedly on the campaign trail about his stance on court-packing. He said he wouldn’t tell voters his opinion until after the election. But the president still has not said whether or not he supports court-packing since he was elected.”

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8 Responses

  1. Did not say anything as he knew that would have definitely been a campaign issue that would defeat him. Packing the Court just as getting rid of the filibuster could be an action that would come back and bite them in the posterior. Remember, watch what you wish for as you may get it and then regret it…..

  2. The founding fathers created three branches of government for a reason, division of powers.
    Packing the court turns the court into a political tool that results in two branches of government.
    Biden running the Executive Branch – Pelosi running the Legislative Branch – Deep State running it all, that should scare people.

    1. I agree and why does Congress have any authority at all regarding the number of Supreme Court Justices? Their only purpose in regard to the Supreme Court would be censuring or removal of a Justice for illegal activity or judicial activism. A good example of this is when Chief Justice Roberts changed one word in the Affordable Care Act to make the law constitutional. Only the Senate has that authority and this was pure judicial activism and illegal on his part.

  3. Why worry about packing the Supreme Court when John Roberts is in their hip pocket and for some unknown reason( be it threats or blackmail) many of the others follow his commands. The few good ones have very little control now.
    How on earth will packing the courts make a difference?

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