BREAKING: SCOTUS Mandate Bombshell – GOP Fuming…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) just dropped the hammer on Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh, saying they did “not have a backbone” in a recent ruling by the Supreme Court.

“Both Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh did ‘not have a backbone’ when they opted to side with their left-wing colleagues, voting to keep the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services vaccine mandate on health care workers,” Hannah Bleau of Breitbart reported on DeSantis’ comments.

“DeSantis, a graduate of Harvard Law School, reminded listeners that he called for a special session in the state of Florida late last year, designed to provide protection for workers, including health care workers, ensuring that individuals not lose their job over these shots. But voting against the vaccine mandates, he explained, is a no-brainer,” Breitbart’s report added.

“I mean, anybody who’s not a far-left jurist was going to come out that way,” DeSantis said in reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a vaccine mandate on small businesses that would have affected more than 84 million American workers.

“But on the medical, on the nurse mandate and the doctor mandate, Roberts and Kavanaugh joined with the liberals to allow the nurse mandate,” DeSantis added.

“So here’s what’s going on. Think about how insane this is. Now they’re so short-handed, they’re actually bringing back to work nurses who are COVID-positive. They are vaccinated, but we know that’s not stopping it. So they have COVID-positive people back on,” DeSantis said.

He didn’t stop there. “Meanwhile, the unvaccinated, likely immune through prior infection, healthy nurses are on the sidelines, fired. How insane are these policies?” the governor charged.

Honestly, Roberts and Kavanaugh did not have a backbone on that decision,” DeSantis said. “That’s just the bottom line.”

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