Adam Schiff: ‘Investigation Isn’t Going to End’

House Democrats are now finally putting all of the material from the last couple of months into an impeachment report – and they will almost certainly try to use every single sentence to help rationalize their pre-determined choice to impeach.

The vote is already in. The decision has already been made. NONE of this process is happening in good faith. It’s a scam process with a pre-determined outcome.

For more proof of the bad faith process, just look at the recent announcement from Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

On Sunday, Adam Schiff said, “The investigation isn’t going to end.”

For once, Schiff is right. They aren’t going to stop the “investigation” anytime soon, even if the said investigation is no longer necessary.

That’s because the faux investigative process is actually a propaganda push. Considering we’re rolling into the 2020 election year, demand for that propaganda will be at an all-time high.

The impeachment process is about politics, not research. Pandering, not reviewing evidence. Weakening Trump, not strengthening the country.

Buckle up, because the impeachment-drama ride is only beginning.

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