Adam Schiff Hints New Bolton Evidence May Lead To Second Impeachment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) indicated Sunday that a new impeachment proceeding may be in the works for President Donald Trump.

We will look at what allegations like those involving Turkey and other countries particularly involving China need to be flushed out and exposed to the light of day and then we’ll make our decisions,” Schiff told NBC’s Meet The Press regarding the controversial allegations made in John Bolton’s upcoming book, according to Breitbart. The congressman went on:

We warned during the trial that you could only count on Donald Trump to do what’s right for him and not what’s right for the country. John Bolton says that is exactly this president’s pattern and practice that he didn’t see a significant national foreign approximately policy decision made on any other basis than the personal and political re-election interest and that’s a tragic and dangerous situation for the whole country when the president has that kind of myopic focus what’s right for him and is willing to sacrifice the national interest.

Of course, Schiff doesn’t care two twits about the truth as we all saw during the first impeachment circus. What Schiff does love is the opportunity to get in front of America and spread his absurd deceptions.

It’s unclear if there will actually be a second impeachment, but if it’s left to Schiff, it surely won’t be long.

To read more about Adam Schiff’s comments about John Bolton’s book, click here.

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