Demands Growing for Adam Schiff to Be Fired

Far-left Rep. Adam Schiff is a notorious liar who was caught brazenly claiming he’d seen evidence from the Mueller investigation – evidence that ended up not even existing.

This perpetual, repeat, almost pathological dishonesty has triggered a movement demanding that he is fired.

Leading the charge is Rep. Jim Banks. The Republican congressman from Indiana wrote a blistering essay for Fox News demanding that Adam Schiff be fired from his position leading the impeachment inquiry.

Bank’s primary point is that Schiff is a known liar. He’s right. Schiff has been caught blatantly at least three times:

1. Fabricating the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukranian leadership
2. Telling the nation he’d had no contact with the whistleblower before the allegations became public
3. Claiming he’s firsthand seen “ample evidence of Russian collusion” from Trump

All three of these lies are of monstrous importance because he used them to cut at the basic institutions of the United States, including the presidency. Just because you’re in the opposition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t face consequences for bad-faith claims and blatant dishonesty.

In the essay, Rep. Banks wrote:

“The truth should speak for itself. And the American people deserve it. We don’t need Adam Schiff’s spin and falsehoods…

But even the staunchest opponent of this president should at least admit that those leading the impeachment process cannot be viewed as trustworthy and nonpartisan.”

I couldn’t agree more. Fire Rep. Adam Schiff… not just from the impeachment inquiry leadership position, but from Congress itself. We can do better than this.

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