Schiff Says More Impeachment Hearings Are Possible

November 23, 2019

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has announced the possible next steps in his attempts to railroad Donald Trump in the seemingly never-ending impeachment process.

Schiff explained:

“We’re not foreclosing the possibility of additional depositions or hearings, but we’re also not willing to wait months and months and let them play rope-a-dope with us in the courts.”

This, of course, reveals what’s really going on in Schiff’s mind. Sometimes-private, sometimes-public hearings allow Democrats to play political games while relying on a sympathetic media to help them build their narratives.

Realistically, Trump won’t get impeached by the House. But if that somehow does happen – Democrats control the House, after all – he wants a trial in the Senate.

This would give Trump’s team – and the Republicans – the opportunity to require the top Democrats testify about their own witnesses and accusations. And that’s not something Democrats want to see happen for obvious reasons.

Trump confirmed this during a call with the hosts at Fox & Friends:

“Frankly, I want a trial… I want to see Adam Schiff testify about the whistleblower, who is a fake whistleblower.”

Don’t expect things to calm down. It’s going to get a lot more exciting before things die down. Next year is going to be the most intense election year in recent history.