Bernie Sanders Thinks Bloomberg Can’t Hang With Trump


Michael Bloomberg’s abysmal debate performance continues to bring him shame. Even Bernie Sanders can’t hold back from the opportunity to insult the newest participant vying for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination.

“If that’s what happened in a Democratic debate, you know, I think it’s quite likely that Trump will chew him up and spit him out,” Sanders said of the former New York mayor.

Sanders’ words came as part of an interview with 60 Minutes scheduled for broadcast on Sunday.

In a preview of the talk, Sanders admitted he is “worried about an unprecedented amount of money being spent” by Bloomberg on the campaign.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in American history,” Sanders complained. “And I just think that the American people will rebel against this type of oligarchic movement.”

Sanders, a multi-millionaire with several houses, expressed that he was jealous of concerned by Bloomberg’s billions.

“We are a democracy. One person, one vote. Not a guy worth $60 billion buying an election,” the Vermont senator said.

Bloomberg’s star was on the rise, but his lackluster performance, as described by even Democrats and left-leaning media, may spell bad news for his future. And Sanders, who is dead wrong on socialism, is probably spot on about Trump’s ability to decimate Bloomberg on the debate stage.

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