Rep. Adam Schiff is Upset That DOJ Russia-Probe Turned Criminal

Bad news for the Deep State, the Democrats, and anyone who has been rooting for the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory:

The Justice Department has announced that their probe into the Mueller-investigation’s origins has turned criminal.

In other words, this almost certainly means that the Justice Department is acting under the assumption that crimes were committed in order to create the fake narrative of Trump working with the Russians.

Democrat Rep. and never-ending Trump critic Adam Schiff is apparently furious – and probably panicking. He immediately wrote an angry message and published it along with Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler.

I won’t directly quote from the message, because, quite frankly, it’s just filled with mindless political pandering and calculated accusations, like usual. But their general point is that they’re pretending that the Justice Department is just trying to punish Trump’s enemies and doesn’t actually care about justice.

It’s pretty clear what the real reason is behind the panic from the Democrats. They spent years building their case against Trump based on a Russian conspiracy theory – and now the entire narrative is shifting around in a way that could actually help Trump.

More than a vindication, the crimes committed to damage Trump are more evidence of the need for more politicians who are willing to take on the Deep State and political establishment in general.

That said, Schiff and friends are right about one thing: the Justice Department probably WILL punish Trump’s enemies. But not because they’re his enemies – they’ll be punished because it’s a question of justice.

You can’t fabricate evidence in order to take down a sitting president without there being some consequences. If anything, there should have been a criminal investigation months ago – or earlier.

Stay tuned – the next few weeks are probably going to probably get even crazier as Democrats continue to scramble to find anything to damage Trump.

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