Rubio Delivers Defense Of Trump, Calls Impeachment Trial What It Really is

Sen. Marco Rubio is not backing down.

The Florida Republican is defending Donald Trump from what he says is a ridiculous effort to attack the former president with an upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.

“First of all, I think the trial is stupid. I think it’s counterproductive,” Rubio said on Fox News Sunday this week, according to Breitbart. “We already have a flaming fire in this country. It’s like taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on the fire.”

Disagreeing with the likes of Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (R), who says impeachment will bring unity, Rubio argued that it’s not good for the country to move forward on the matter, saying:

I think this is going to be really bad for the country. It’s going to not just as a going to keep us from focusing on important things, but it’s also just going to stir it up even more and make it even harder to get things done moving forward.

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