BREAKING: New Rittenhouse Court Announcement – America Stunned

The Rittenhouse murder trial was riddled with controversy from the start. President Biden and the establishment media, who should have zero voice in matters of the Court, spoke in extremely discriminatory ways against the defendant Kyle Rittenhouse.

President Biden even made an effort to interfere with due process, referring to Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” long before deliberations or a verdict.

Eric Greitens, former Missouri Governor, Navy SEAL, and current U.S. Senate candidate, said Kyle Rittenhouse “should sue them all,” after his not guilty jury verdict.

“This is positively Soviet what is going on. You have prosecutors attacking Kyle Rittenhouse in what is clearly a case of self-defense,” Greitens said. “And what happens not only is he targeted by a political prosecutor, but then you have Joe Biden smearing his name and you have the corporate media piling on for months.”

“But the fact is his case should have never been brought. The fact is they’ve also dragged a kid through the mud. They’ve had his name smeared for months and you’re absolutely right. He should go out and he should sue them all,” Greitens added. “But the point is, other people may not have video produced by citizen journalists that helps to fully exonerate them.”

Greitens then dropped the hammer about what is really going on, blasting prosecutors for making political decisions about who they prosecute.

“Prosecutors are not supposed to make political decisions about who they prosecute, but unfortunately, that’s what the left is doing,” Greitens remarked. “And that’s why conservatives and Patriots have to stand up around the country to defeat the left because they are trying to destroy the justice system.”

To read more about potential Rittenhouse defamation lawsuits, click here.

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  5. Does he call BLM black supremacist and does he call other colors of people in the world that have gangs what about the Mexican cartel that is a gang what color supremacists does he call them how about calling them what they are they are not supremacy at all they are gangs get over it

  6. All of the above comments have nothing to do with the article. I do not want to hear their crap. Who cares what anybody made

  7. They are only on here to screw with us Conservatives. You would never see them on anything liberal.
    Just ignor them as much as possible. Scan and skip them.
    What else can you do?

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