New Republican Shows True Colors On Abortion

The radical left in the House of Representatives pushed President Donald Trump’s impeachment so hard, with such little evidence and so much political gamesmanship, that one of their own abandoned the party because he was sick of their act.

Now, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew isn’t slowing down when it comes to revealing his true principles and ideology.

According to Liberty Counsel Action, Van Drew just signed onto a discharge petition to force a floor vote in the House on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Clearly, the newly-christened Republican is not worried about making waves with his former party.

The act would “require infants who survive attempted abortions to receive equal medical care and treatment as other newborn babies of equal gestational age,” reports Liberty Counsel Action’s official site. “Any medical provider or staff who intentionally neglects, abandons, or murders a living newborn baby will be punished.”

The petition requires 218 signatures to thwart House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and force a vote on the measure. According to Breitbart, Van Drew’s signature brings the current total of votes up to 204.

One has to respect Van Drew sticking to his principles. If more people in the D.C. swamp followed his example, America would be a better place.

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