Top House Representatives Move Against Twitter, Demand Answers

Top ranking representatives from the United States House are taking aim at Twitter after recent censorship on the platform was put in place to shield Joe Biden from embarrassing details about his connection to corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

Rep. Steve Scalise, in an exclusive Fox News report, called Twitter’s actions “unacceptable”:

“While it has been evidence for some time that Twitter and other social media platforms have acted with clear bias against conservative viewpoints and Republican politicians, these latest actions represent an unacceptable escalation and threaten the future of our Democratic discourse,” said Rep. Scalise in a letter co-written by several other representatives.

“If Twitter is concerned about the dissemination of ‘harmful content,’ why then has Twitter failed to censor or block articles from China Daily or Iran’s tweets from Iran’s Supreme Leader seeking to undermine the United States or cause harm to its citizens?” asked Scalise and the co-authors.

To read more about the Republican’s calling out Twitter’s bias, click here.

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