Report: Russia Was For Hillary In 2016 And John Brennan Knew It

Vocal Trump critic and ex-CIA Director John Brennan repeatedly dismissed and ignored credible intelligence that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, according to an ex-intel officer.

Fred Fleitz, who served as the White House National Security Council chief of staff in 2018, says Brennan “suppressed” intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin favored Clinton.

The bombshell news comes via a report penned by Fleitz and published by Fox News. The allegation is stunning because Brennan was a frontman for the theory that Russia was pushing Donald Trump and that Trump was a willing pawn of Putin.

But Fleitz’s report disproves Brennan.

Fleitz said his sources told him “CIA Director Brennan suppressed facts or analysis that showed why it was not in Russia’s interests to support Trump and why Putin stood to benefit from Hillary Clinton’s election. They also told me that Brennan suppressed that intelligence over the objections of CIA analysts.”

But Fleitz wasn’t done:

House Intelligence Committee staff told me that after an exhaustive investigation reviewing intelligence and interviewing intelligence officers, they found that Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.

To read Fleitz’s entire report, click here.

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