Report: Joe Biden Insiders Plotting Against Him

In a stunning report, The Hill’s Keith Naughton claims there are some close to Joe Biden who are conspiring to derail the Democrat presidential contender’s hopes of winning the White House.

The report claims that divisiveness within the Democratic Party cannot and will not tolerate Biden’s loose attachment to facts and policy. While Biden may attempt to placate moderates, the progressive Democrats will not, according to Naughton, stand idly by and allow it:

The Democrats have a particularly toxic brew which includes not just the typical differences on policy both parties experience, but a dangerous woke-progressive culture that dictates how people are permitted to act, speak, and engage. A poorly chosen sentence or even the wrong word sends the “wokest” of them into fits of rage. Social media, especially Twitter, amplifies the outrage to a fever pitch.

The report points to the example of how Biden is not even permitted by his own party to call out China as an enemy.

“If Biden is not permitted to launch an attack on a soft target like China — or has to “nuance” his message down to mush — his campaign is in for a world of internal problems,” Naughton writes.

To read more about the dangers lurking within Biden’s own party, click here.

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