REPORT: GOP Insiders Are Considering Purposely Losing In November

According to stunning report in the Washington Examiner, some Republican insiders are considering that a loss in November may be better in the long run for the Republican Party.

If true, this would be a massive scandal for the GOP.

“The theory is that if Trump is defeated, Democrats led by an aging and diminished Biden will pursue an unpopular left-wing political agenda and inherit the pandemic, economic downturn, and civil unrest,” reports Washington Examiner writer, James Antle. “Republicans would likely recover in the midterm elections in 2022, possibly regaining a chamber or two of Congress. This could put the party in a strong position to turn the page on Trump in 2024.”

Admittedly, this view is still very much in the minority.

But the fact that it’s being passed around is still potentially a landmine that the Trump campaign must be alert to identify.

To read the full report detailing the theory, click here.

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