Report: FBI Intentionally Hid Evidence That Would Exculpate Trump Ally

Former Trump campaign aide Carter Page just released a new book that details disturbing misdeeds by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to Fox News, Page’s book claims the FBI “systematically” kept exculpatory facts from their reports.

“My conversation with Halper was chock-full of such exculpatory evidence; it was systematically excised from the record. The FBI wanted to conduct surveillance on me, and the leaders of Crossfire Hurricane were willing to toss aside facts from sworn testimony in their continuing efforts to build their case,” Page writes, according to Fox.

Fox further reported that Page’s new book “echoes Republicans’ longstanding description of Page as an ‘innocent American…framed in an attempted coup against the president.'” Fox also noted Page’s book is “likely to give President Trump additional ammo for his claim that Department of Justice officials wrongly spied on his campaign.”

Page’s book details how, as time progressed, it became clear he had misread motives and that those around him were attempting to entrap him.

To read the full story, click here.

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