REPORT: China Is Vastly Under-Reporting Virus Numbers

The Chinese government and media outlets controlled by the Chinese Communist Party have released data claiming there have been 2,535 deaths from just over 50,000 coronavirus infections in the country. However, others inside and outside of the communist regime are questioning that claim.

According to Newsweek, some have put the actual number of deaths in the “tens of thousands.”

Maybe it’s shocking to some that China would cover up the truth about what is going on inside its borders, but it’s not to me. China hid the truth before when the SARS outbreak rocked their region.

Now, we have reports coming from the interior of China’s authoritarian regime that put the number of deaths as high as 26,000.

Why would China hide the truth? Well, assuming they are in fact covering up the data, they could be hoping to allow it to spread in other regions, causing social and economic fear and panic. The Chinese communists don’t exactly have a long history of being team players.

When President Donald Trump characterized the fight against COVID-19 as “a war,” he may have been more right than some gave him credit for.

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