Report: Aide Reveals What Gov. Andrew Cuomo Did To Her Inside His Mansion

The scandal-ridden Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is desperately fighting to save his political reputation.

And a recent report from a female aide isn’t going to help.

A female aide alleges New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo aggressively groped her in a sexual manner after she was summoned to the governor’s mansion last year,” Fox News reported Wednesday.

“The woman is much younger than the governor,” Fox reported, citing an anonymous source. “She and told Cuomo to stop when he reached under her blouse. The woman reportedly said the governor frequently flirted with her and it wasn’t the only time he touched her.

Cuomo’s approval rating within New York has plunged to a mere 21% as of the time of this writing. Meanwhile, he refuses to resign.

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3 Responses

  1. Biden did the same thing but got off free without further investigation, and he groped under the skirt. Both are perverse and should get their just punishments, removal from offices.

  2. Andy might as well be checking on real estate prices in Roman Polanski’s neighborhood, he’ll have to get out dodge for quite awhile maybe .

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