Rep. Matt Gaetz Fires Back After Twitter Censors Him

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has turned up the heat on Twitter after they censored one of his recent tweets on Antifa.

Responding to the official labeling of Antifa as a domestic terror organization, Gaetz posted the question, “Now that we clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East?

Soon after, according to Breitbart, Twitter hid Gaetz’s tweet behind a message notifying users the message violated its policies.

Gaetz responded: “Twitter has no problem with this incitement of violence. I called for government action against terrorists, and they deemed that naughty. Feels good to virtue signal now, Twitter. But this will be hard to explain later. See you in the Judiciary Committee.”

To read more about Rep. Gaetz and Twitter’s censorship, click here.

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