Rep. Crenshaw Exposes Hillary Clinton’s ‘Eerie’ Plan

Hillary Clinton recently said Presidential Candidate Joe Biden should refuse to concede the election to Donald Trump regardless of the results. Although that very thing was something she previously said Donald Trump should not do to her if she were to win, now that the shoe is on the other foot, she is showing she is not a fan of democracy but of power by any means.

However, her anti-American comments did not go unnoticed. “How bold she is with just laying out their plan like that,” said Rep. Dan Crenshaw. “And we all know that’s the plan, right? Create as much chaos around elections as possible.”

Crenshaw exposed how the Democrats have “built a narrative: don’t concede, universal mail-in ballots, no voter I.D.” He called Hillary’s scheme that Biden should refuse to concede at any cost “eerie.”

But Crenshaw explained the Democrats are up to something. And it isn’t good. “They’ve started to build a narrative that if Donald Trump gets elected it will be illegitimate, and now they’re laying out their plan,” said Crenshaw.

To read more about the Democrat plan to undermine the election, click here.

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