Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Remington from Anti-Gun Lawsuit

The Supreme Court just ruled that the anti-gun lawsuit against Remington, the gun manufacturer, can continue.

This is bad news for anyone who even remotely cares about the Second Amendment or the U.S. Bill of Rights in general.

According to Reuters, anti-gunners are suing Remington partially because the manufacturer ran an ad that used the expression, “Forces of opposition, bow down.”

The anti-gunners claim that this is somehow an illegal marketing ploy that encourages a lone gunman who might want to, say, shoot up a school.

Of course, this is beyond hogwash.

The context for Remington’s ad is clear: opposition means criminal and would-be murderers.

Trust me, I’m a huge Remington fan myself and legally own a substantial gun collection. The idea that any major brand in this industry is promoting anything remotely close to school shootings is not something anyone can believe in good faith. It’s a lie.

Remington’s target market isn’t the handful of mentally deranged mass killers. It’s people like me who want to own a gun to protect myself, protect my family, and protect my community.

The real purpose of this lawsuit is to make the Second Amendment meaningless through legal attrition: bury the gun makers so people like us simply don’t have the option to buy guns.

Pray for the gun manufacturers. I’m not kidding. I don’t care how absurd that sounds to a leftist.

If they go down, ordinary Americans will soon lose their ability to defend themselves. Countless men, women, and children will suffer the consequences.

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