Rand Paul: Trump Cannot Be Found Guilty Because There Is Insufficient Evidence

The Democrats have said Donald Trump should be found guilty in his second impeachment trial. Of course, the Democrats have a long history of basing everything on feelings instead of fact. They whine about perception while ignoring reality.

So it should be a surprise to no one that they expected a conviction of Trump while having insufficient evidence. Because to Democrats, the feeling is all that they need.

But this is the real world and Rand Paul is here to remind them about it.

“I think they’ve given up their case, but they showed endless hours of the terrible violence and mayhem and those people should be punished and on both sides of the aisle, we agree to that,” said Paul. “But they never made their case that the president incited them through any kind of unusual language that Democrats, frankly, haven’t done much worse.”

No evidence. No conviction. That’s how reality works.

To read more about Paul’s comments, click here.

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