Prosecutors Secure Shock Indictment – Prove It Was a HOAX

In a stunning reversal, Chicago prosecutors were able to secure a grand jury indictment against Jussie Smollett this week for allegedly lying to police about an attack against him he claimed was based on race and homophobia.

The charges were initially dropped last year when then prosecutor Kim Foxx called the charges “excessive.” However, after irregularities with Foxx’s communications about the case with Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff cast doubt on Foxx’s objectivity, a new special prosecutor, Dan Webb, was appointed, according to Fox News.

In his official statement, Webb raised questions about Foxx’s choice to drop the charges. Webb also argued Foxx’s office “had not adequately explained…why they did so.” However, Webb’s statement reached no conclusions about any officials’ misconduct or wrongdoing.

In a reaction that has since gone viral, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the news, joking that “they finally indicted the guy who attacked Jussie.”

It seems apparent that Smollett lied to police and to the media and to the nation in an effort to stir up a race war and make himself a sympathetic character to his virtue-signaling buddies in Hollywood. But even as the story continues to unfold and reveal him to be a person of low character and untrustworthy deeds, the left gives him a pass.

This saga proves an underlying point: the left cares nothing about justice if the person who did the bad act is one of them.

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