Dan Crenshaw Exposes Problem With Trump Impeachment

Republican firebrand Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas says there is a huge problem with Democrats’ effort to impeach and remove President Donald Trump.

In an interview before the House voted to impeach Trump on Wednesday, Crenshaw gave two reasons why he was opposed to the effort.

“One is to simply lower the temperature,” the congressman said Tuesday, arguing that Democrats’ claims of unity and healing are pure hypocrisy, given their agenda just two weeks into 2021, as Breitbart noted.

But Crenshaw wasn’t done. While admitting he doesn’t “want to say that [Trump is] blameless,” the congressman told his interviewer:

The second is if you’re going to accuse somebody of incitement of violence, that’s a very hard legal standard to prove. There’s no way it could be proven in a court of law in this particular case. And you know, barring that — and then, again, the fact that we’ve only got 10 days left, and the priority that we need to be engaging in is unifying the country, not escalating things further — these are all pretty good reasons, I think, to not vote for impeachment.

According to NPR, 10 Republicans ended up backing Dems’ effort to impeach — and unsurprisingly, Crenshaw wasn’t one of them.

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