President Trump Speaks Out About Future of HHS Secretary Azar

President Donald Trump firmly rejected media rumors over the weekend when he announced he would not be firing Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar.

“Reports that H.H.S. Secretary [Azar] is going to be ‘fired’ by me are Fake News,” Trump tweeted Sunday.

The president further blamed the media for efforts to drive an internal wedge between key players in the administration and advance their anti-Trump narrative that chaos is happening within the team.

“The Lamestream Media knows this, but they are desperate to create the perception of chaos [and] havoc in the minds of the public. They never even called to ask. Alex is doing an excellent job!” Trump added.

According to Fox News, Azar’s office is in charge of “researching vaccines and hunting for a cure to COVID-19.” HHS also was “responsible for distributing $100 billion in federal aid to hospitals and physicians on the front lines of the pandemic,” Fox reported.

Rather than do their own part to serve as a helpful tool in educating the public about how to move forward and beat the coronavirus, however, the media is clearly doing all it can to politicize the virus against the current occupant of the White House. What a shame.

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