Jeanine Pirro: The Days of Appeasement Are Over

Judge Jeanine Pirro has no problem calling it like she sees it. And her recent assessment of President Donald Trump’s decision to eliminate Qassem Soleimani is no exception.

During the “Opening Statement” segment of her self-titled Fox News show on Saturday, Pirro declared: “Yes, indeed — the days of appeasement are over.”

But Pirro didn’t stop there, according to Breitbart. She continued:

Gone are the days when the U.S. fetes Iran, brings her to the table to give $150 billion and an additional $400 million on pallettes flown in unmarked planes as the United States lets out the Gitmo detainees to return to the battlefield. We now have a president who negotiates strength, not from weakness.

Trump has been a target of left-wing criticism after ordering the targeted strike of Iran’s top general. But Pirro isn’t buying the hype.

Trump is “a man who has exhibited tremendous restraint while constantly being provoked by Iran,” Pirro said. “His redline was the killing of an American and true to his word, it was only then that he responded.”

Trump may be taking heat for his decision, but one thing is for certain: all those who wish ill against America have no doubt he is willing to take action to protect his country.

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