BREAKING: Photo Reveals Joe Biden’s Secret – America Shocked

Joe Biden says wear a mask and be careful. He’s so committed to the mask that he wears one while on Zoom because it’s his “patriotic duty.”

But there’s a problem with the virtue of ol’ Joe. It would seem his commitment to face covering is as spotty as his memory.

Just look at the photo of Joe and Jill Biden with the former Presidential couple Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.

Besides the bizarre appearance that makes the Bidens look like giants, notice how neither Biden is socially distanced nor wearing a mask.

Jimmy Carter is 96 years old and Rosalyn is 93 years old.

Guess patriotic duty only goes so far.

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with the President about masks.

However, I am saying that this photo proves even the President doesn’t agree with the President on masks.

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6 Responses

  1. This is photo shopped. Bidens superimposed over Carters. Carter betrayed the U.S. with hi asinine speeches in Europe.

    1. Yes, it is photoshopped. Bidens are much larger than Carters, totally out of proportion. Unreal!!!!! They are all such phonies.

  2. The picture is of four people that truly hate my country. These two Presidents are probably the dumbest ones we have had in our history! The picture looks like the Biden’s are giants and the Carters are little people. No “masks” heh senile Joe?

  3. President Biden is a JOKE. He is tearing our Country apart. Stopping our Pipeline, putting lots of people out of jobs. Raising our Fuel prices, oh, he doesn’t have to buy gas. Our Borders are the Worse ever. Stop immigrants from crossing. It was set up and was working for them to go thru the Government. We have more Protesters and crimes than ever before he took office. We need our Law enforcement, our Fire fighters and Medical employees.

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