Independence: The U.S. Is Now a Net Petroleum EXPORTER

Some big news was just announced that CNN is going to try to sweep under the rug:

According to government data released Tuesday, the United States exported more petroleum than it imported for the first time in over 40 years in the month of September.

In other words, America is finally producing so much black gold, we’re a net exporter.

This is huge news for anyone who wants the United States to be energy independent and not forced to bow to foreign governments.

Trump flipped the script and we’re no longer an oil-begging country. It’s the opposite now. We have more than enough to take care of our needs.

Breitbart reported:

“The United States exported more petroleum than it imported in September, running a petroleum trade surplus for the first time in records that go back to 1978.”

Most people don’t understand the significance of this because basic free-market economics is avoided – rather than taught – in public schools. If this is good news to you, then congrats – you are drastically ahead of countless people who have been lied to by the establishment.

Again, don’t expect the mainstream media to talk about this. The news makes it clear that Trump’s policies are helping American independence.

-Question of the Day-

Do you support America being energy independent so we aren’t reliant on countries like Saudi Arabia?

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