Mayor Pete Surges to Top of Iowa Primary

A new poll in Iowa – the first state to vote in the Democratic primary – reveals that Mayor Pete Buttigieg has surged to the top of the pack in a surprise twist.

If you’ve been watching anything that has been happening in this country over the last few years, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the Democrats have lost their bloody minds.

They’re no longer just calling for high income taxes… they want a high income tax, and they ALSO want a wealth confiscation tax – where they literally start confiscating billions of dollars.

Bernie wants an 8% tax on the top billionaires. Warren wants a 6% wealth tax. A wealth tax is exponentially more damaging than an income tax, because you lose your wealth even if you don’t have a year where you make money.

Think of an 8% wealth tax as being more like a 150% income tax – it’s designed to destroy wealth intentionally. But the number they talk about is a single digit, so it sounds more moderate than the straight-up communism that it actually is.

Where does Pete stand on this? Pete Buttigieg says he’s on board with a wealth-confiscation “tax” as well. Moderate my foot. He’s just as much of a leftist as the other.

If you care about capitalism, you should stand against the Democrats. They have made their platform the eradication of capitalism. They must be defeated.

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