Pelosi Won’t Return To Congress. Here’s What McCarthy Thinks About It

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is fuming mad at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over her belligerent refusal to reopen Congress to “do the work of the American people” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our founders would be ashamed,” McCarthy said on Fox News Channel. “They expect us to assemble, but what she is doing [is] directly against the founders’ article one, four, five or six because the more she keeps us away — she can stay in San Francisco near her freezer, write the bill.”

McCarthy pointed out that Pelosi’s plan makes it possible for her to thwart America but avoid accountability. “And now the idea, to take the proxy vote … [voters] cannot hold accountable somebody that passes that vote onto somebody else.”

McCarthy continued by offering evidence of other crucial times Congress met during great times of risk.

If you look at the history of America, Congress has met during the Civil War when there [were] fights not far from here, during every war, during every crisis, during 9/11, Congress was still able to meet and carry out the role they should be doing, and we should be doing that now.

To read McCarthy’s full comments, click here.

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