Nancy Pelosi Surrenders to the Unions

In a move that shouldn’t shock anyone who has kept track of her career up to this point, Nancy Pelosi just surrendered to the corrupt leftists at the AFL-CIO.

Even though, according to her, Democrats are “near” an agreement on President Donald Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade, she has apparently stalled progress.

The papers are just sitting on Pelosi’s desk. She’s been fighting moving the agreement forward because – of course! – the unions want to change the agreement.

Donald Trump remarked on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner:

“It is sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. She’s incapable of moving it, it looks like… She hasn’t wanted to do it because, I understand, a couple of the unions, the AFL-CIO, they are asking her to hold it for a while because it’ll make Trump look bad.”

Imagine knowing what’s good for the country, but halting it because you need to check with your real leaders – powerful interests who really pull the strings. That’s what’s happening right now.

Now the entire much-needed agreement is in danger. The top negotiator from Mexico, Deputy Foreign Minister for North America Jesus Seade, said the following, again per the Washington Examiner:

“Far from reaching a deal, in the last two weeks, statements from certain labor sectors have reemerged, floating ideas that would be totally unacceptable to Mexico.”

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi and her real bosses at the unions, now American workers, American businesses, and the American economy could suffer even more.

I wish I could say this is surprising. But it’s not. It’s the same corrupt, pathetic game it’s always been. This is how the swamp works.

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