Pelosi To Lose Key House Vote On Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi is learning an old lesson the hard way.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Pelosi probably assumed she was going to get every Democrat in Congress to go along with the impeachment vote. But she isn’t.

She may have thought she had all her ducks lined up, but Rep. Collin Peterson just announced he is doing the complete reverse of what Pelosi hoped.

Peterson, a moderate Democrat from Minnesota, recently admitted he plans on voting against the impeachment of President Donald Trump. His said his “biggest problem” with impeachment is that people made their mind up before the investigation “and now they’ve spent a year trying to figure out how they can make a case for it. That’s backwards. I just don’t agree with this,” he said.

But what about the screaming and whining from the left about all the “crimes” Trump has committed?

Peterson simply doesn’t believe it. He says Trump “has not committed a crime.” He still predicts the House will vote to impeach Trump, but that the Senate will then acquit him.

Using words sure to enrage Pelosi, Peterson blasted the entire process as bad for America. According to Minnesota Public Radio, he said:

This is dividing the country for no good reason because he’s not going to be thrown out of office. Why are we doing this? If people don’t like Trump, they can vote against him.

Peterson deserves praise for speaking out against this circus. The left should stop their charade and let Americans do what they do best — exercise their freedom of speech.

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