Ilhan Omar Gets Bad News From Home State

As it turns out, Rep. Ilhan Omar isn’t the only refugee in Minnesota’s fifth district.

Dalia al-Aqidi is also from Rep. Omar’s home district and is a refugee who escaped from Iraq during the height of Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror.

The bad news for the ultra-left wing Omar is that al-Aqidi announced on Thursday she is launching a Republican congressional bid against the incumbent.

Although she is merely a freshman in Congress, Omar’s first year has been riddled with scandal, leaving her vulnerable to political opposition.

But it gets even worse for Omar.

According to the Daily Wire, al-Aqidi said Omar is “doing irreparable harm to both Minnesota and the U.S.—she must be stopped.”

Furthermore, al-Aqidi is a fan of President Donald Trump. In a recent interview, she admitted she was “proud of President Trump and his administration for ending the reign of Qassem Soleimani, who was a vicious terrorist and thug.”

Things are about to get very interesting in Minnesota.

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