Gavin Newsom Gives Lockdown Exemption To One Of His Favorite Group Of Supporters

The Democrat governor of California Gavin Newsom just stepped in a huge pile of it.

Newsom is towing the leftist line by locking down his state and putting in place strict curfews to allegedly curb the spread of coronavirus.

But apparently the high dollar, Hollywood liberal elites who pay big money to Newsom’s campaign aren’t at risk of getting the virus. Or so one would think after Newsom was discovered to have exempted the movie making industry from the new set of restrictions.

“The governor’s latest order doesn’t apply to the entertainment production industry, which is on the list of essential work and is thus exempt from the rule,” reports Breitbart News.

It also appears the orders don’t apply to Newsom himself after photos emerged of him attending parties that were not enforcing mask wearing or social distancing.

To read more about the elitist policies of Newsom, click here.

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