New Report Shows Democrats Are Deeply Divided Over Platform

The official line from the Democrat party has been that they are unified to defeat Donald Trump. However, a bombshell report from Fox News reveals deep division within the party.

The report focuses on the vote around the Democrat platform by the delegates at the Democrat National Convention. If the party was united, the exception would be broad consensus around the vote, but that was not the case.

“The DNC revealed over the weekend that 3,562 delegates voted to approve the platform, while a total of 1,069 voted no, and 87 abstained,” reported Fox News.

It is interesting to note the number of dissenters is roughly equal to the number of supporters previously held by Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to Fox News, the issues in contention were universal Medicare and the Green New Deal – both pushed by the more progressive wing of the party.

If the Democrats can’t be united at their own convention, it seems even more unlikely they will be able to unite a nation behind a single candidate.

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